Andrew Chuck of Designs by Dru

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Andrew Chuck; also known as DesignsByDru, started his journey into the carnival costume world in 2009 and has since then dedicated 12+ yrs to empowerment through Design, Passion, Creativity & Gratitude.

At the age of 15, he relocated to Florida and completed business school. Amidst this, a casual yet natural reignited love and passion for soca and carnival was occurring. Although they both were both a part of his childhood, the memories of going to watch every carnival on the street side with family in Jamaica set the perfect foundation to explore his admiration for fashion & costume design.

After four dedicated & hardworking years of fostering his craft in carnival costume design, with an impeccable eye for detail; he was granted the ‘King’ title in 2009 and was sought after to design his own section for one of the longest standing bands in Miami- The Wassi Ones.

Throughout the years DesignsByDru continued to grow and now designs for carnival bands in Jamaica, Miami, New York, St Croix, Cayman, Bahamas & Others.

In addition to designing for some of the longest standing mas bands across the USA and the Caribbean, he has started dedicating his time to designing swim and resort wear collections. Launching with his first collection-’GEMMA” latin for Gemstones; inspired by the positive, uplifting, energizing and calming vibrations that crystals and gemstones emit. Architectured, specifically to insinuate the shape and fit for every woman, matched with a gemstone hue or shade, representing our path to love.

Dru will continue to empower through passion, creativity and gratitude to be recognized as a household name across the Globe.